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Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Nanamma!

I created an Alphabet Sudoku for my Grandmother's birthday themed on her name. Her name is Shanta Murthy and she loves solving all kinds of puzzles. She solves most of the online puzzle contests at leisure during her spare time and usually completes solving all puzzles, sometimes taking multiple weeks for difficult ones! (I myself give up on really tough puzzles :-) )

She turned 82-yrs on 14th July, 2014 but has a puzzling mind of a 28-year-old. She feels proud of all my puzzle-related achievements but is too shy to compete herself. I keep telling her she will easily win an over-75-years category prize (if there was any!) and I still hope some day she does.

I lovingly call her 'Nanamma' (which means 'paternal grandmother' in our local language) and I dedicate this Alphabet Sudoku to her.

Nanamma solves more puzzles than me every week and it has helped keep her mind active and agile through these years. I hope she continues to enjoy solving puzzles and maybe some day she'll create one for me :-)

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