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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Unlucky 13

I authored a Sudoku contest Unlucky 13 on LMI. It was held from 1st - 6th April, 2015 and consists of 13 sudokus to be solved in 65 minutes.

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"13 is my favourite number and I created this themed test in late-2014 during some easy days at work. Incidently, this is also the 13th test I'm authoring at LMI. Lot of special moments and memories along the way... and I hope players enjoy this set and make it a success!"

Congrats to Jan Zverina, Hideaki Jo and Jakub Ondrousek for the top-3 overall players.
Congrats to Prakhar Gupta, Kishore Kumar and Rishi Puri for the top-3 Indian players.

"Good artists copy, great artists steal" - Pablo Picasso.

Few months back, a couple of my friends created some sudoku variants and asked me to test solve them. It was their first try at creating sudokus and they did quite a decent job, since they were all unique. Only problem was, all the variants could be solved like Classics without having to use the variant rule and I had a hearty laugh while solving them. For example, there was an Odd Even Sudoku with 42 givens... a Non-Consecutive Sudoku with 33 givens... etc. :-)

That's how the idea was formed for this test. If I enjoyed it so much, maybe other solvers would enjoy it too, in its own humorous way. It was subtle April 'fooling', unlike last year's total surprise (which was awesome in its own way). Thanks to Deb Mohanty and Prasanna Seshadri for test-solving and other inputs and 'contributions'. I'm happy many players were able to complete the test and get the bonus, it was intentionally left longer and the difficulty such that a large portion of solvers would finish.

Thanks for all the messages, and hope to see some more exciting Sudoku solving in the months to come! :-)

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