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Friday, June 24, 2016

Indian Sudoku Championship 2016

The Indian Sudoku Championship (ISC) 2016 was held on 16th July, 2016 in Chennai.

The championship was an offline event (after three years of having it online), where the top-50 qualifiers of Sudoku Mahabharat were invited. This is the first time the reigning champion did not defend the title. Rishi Puri, who won ISC in 2014 and 2015, has called it quits for his sudoku career.

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Last 3yrs were very exciting competing with Prasanna and Rishi. Its unfortunate that neither of them participated this year since Prasanna, being the best Indian at the World Championships last year, gets a wild card for the national team this year and hence, decided to organize the national event.

I've traditionally done well in offline ISCs... in fact, only 3 of the ISCs were offline (2010, 2011, 2012), and those were the 3 times I won! This year I made it 4/4.

The championship consisted of four rounds. When you have Deb and Prasanna authoring sudokus, you know you're in for a treat. Really nice set of puzzles.

The fourth round of 6x6 sudokus had a fun twist to it, and was well thought of. The timings were perfectly set and the event ran very smoothly.

Those of you who'd like to solve these puzzles can purchase it here (Unfortunately due to certain reasons, they are not publicly available this year).

I'm glad I topped all four rounds and won my fourth ISC title, this one after 4 years!

Rakesh Rai pipped Kishore Kumar for 2nd place as Kishore had a really bad 4th round. Most of the other results were as expected. Akash Doulani and Pranav Kamesh were the top inexperienced players comfortably, and I'm glad they'll finally be making it for their first World Championships.

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The winning trophies were really cool! Custom-made sudokus by Prasanna printed on the trophy with the shapes '1', '2' and '3'. Thanks to Sumit Bothra for getting these made.

Thanks to Deb Mohanty and Prasanna Seshadri for organizing this event smoothly. Also, a big thanks to Varun, Ezhilarasi, Ashish, Kumaresan, Rakesh, Kishore, etc. and the other folks in Chennai who helped out with the event. It was a big success!