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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Blackjack Numberlink

Nibbl is a puzzle solving and publishing mobile platform where users can solve hand-crafted puzzles created by some of the top puzzlers of the world.

As a follow-up to my Blackjack puzzle series and my previous Nibbl collection of Hitori puzzles, I've published my second collection called 'Blackjack Numberlink'. Its contents are:

6x6 Numberlink - 2 puzzles
7x7 Numberlink - 2 puzzles
8x8 Numberlink - 6 puzzles
9x9 Numberlink - 4 puzzles
10x10 Numberlink - 7 puzzles

If you enjoy solving Numberlink puzzles, or want to try your hand on a few, you can purchase this from Nibbl and solve it on your phone at leisure!

Currently, the collection with these 21 puzzles is priced at 99 Nbls (little less than $1). Not only can you solve them, but you can also see the solution path set by the author to help you understand the flow of the solution. Maybe learn some tricks with it too.

You'll find it in the Collections section in Nibbl. These are not published as individual puzzles, so, its only possible to solve them by purchasing the collection.

Check out some other interesting collections by fellow Nibbl authors: Rob Vollmert's Star Battle and Prasanna Seshadri's Tapa collections are worth a shot.

For those of you who aren't on Nibbl yet, you can download the app from Apple Store or Google Play Store. Feel free to use my referral code for some bonus credits: ROHA3286 Hope you enjoy the set!

I plan to publish similar collections like these in the months to come. A Sudoku collection will be published soon!

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