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Friday, July 29, 2016


Nibbl is a platform for authoring and solving various grid-based logical puzzles. Being a part of the puzzling world, having authored, organized and participated in various international puzzle championships across the globe, I've wondered what is the best way to reach out, publicise and improvise on these popular genres across different channels and audiences. With the advancements of mobile technology, it is one of the fastest and most convenient forms of information distribution.

So, why Nibbl?

Yes, there are a few puzzle solving (especially sudoku) apps out there, but most of them are computer generated puzzles built by programmers. Don't we all love hand-crafted theme-based puzzles with wonderful solving paths to 'tickle our minds'? All puzzles on Nibbl are custom created by authors.

One of the best features in Nibbl is the ability to view the author's intended solving path. A great way to learn from the creators on what logic was applied when and how.

Currently, it has a few popular puzzle genres but more will be added soon.
Nibbl Authors can publish puzzles as per their choice and liking and decide their own pricing. Creating puzzles is a matter of few taps and can be done on the app itself. Interested authors can contact

Solvers can download the app from:
Google Play Store:
Apple Store:

Feel free to use my referral code for some bonus credits: ROHA3286

I plan to publish some puzzle packs on Nibbl later this year.

P.S. My father, Rajnikant Rao, is the main driver of the project :-)