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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Indian Sudoku Championship 2015

The Indian Sudoku Championship 2015 was held online on 28th June, 2015.

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The top-4 from ISC will represent India at the World Sudoku Championship (WSC) 2015, which will be held in October. There will be a separate event Times Sudoku Championship (TSC) conducted later by TOI and LMI to sponsor four players for the WSC.

Yes, its a little complicated (with a 2-experienced + 2-inexperienced rule being enforced in TSC this year), but I'll come to that later once TSC is announced. Right now, its more about practising for this Sunday, enjoying the afternoon solving some wonderful sudokus (like its always been during ISC) and crowning the national champion.

I've finished in the top-3 of ISC for the last 5 years and hoping to do the same this year too. Its going to be a tough and interesting contest battling it out with Rishi and Prasanna, who have been in great form recently.

There are many other good contenders who have the potential to make it to the team this year. Let's hope we have the best team that will get India into the top-5 in the World!

Good Luck to all participants!

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Congrats to Rishi Puri, for retaining the National Title with a impressive performance of completing all sudokus in 97mins, to Prasanna Seshadri, who's been in top form, for completing all sudokus in 112mins and to Kishore Kumar, who has missed the top-4 closely last couple of years, for finally making it.

I finished all sudokus in 119mins, making me 3rd.

Really nice set of sudokus (as usual), and it was an enjoyable contest. Thanks to Deb and all the authors for organizing another successful ISC.

Even though Kishore completed 26 / 27 sudokus, it was good enough to get him into 4th place. I'm really happy he's on the team after narrowly missing out last year.

So, Rishi, Prasanna, Kishore and me. I think this is a strong team, definitely the best 4 sudoku solvers in India today and hope we can get India into the top-5 this year!

Practise Sudokus
I'll upload some practise sudokus as and when I get time. Feel free to comment if you want any particular sudoku type to practise, I'll try creating some.

Here's are some sudokus that I created for practise.

Shape Sudoku (using colours instead of shapes):

Filler Sudoku:

Links to some more practise sudokus:

Triomino Sudoku (Ashish Kumar)
Triomino Sudoku (Prasanna Seshadri)
True Or Lie Sudoku (Rishi Puri)
Search-9 Sudoku (Rishi Puri)

LMI Forum (Links to practise puzzles are generally shared)

You always have Google for more :-)


  1. Hi Rohan I think R3C3 Should be shaded for 5 five in shaded region and for the given solution.

    1. Thanks Prakhar, you are right. I missed out shading R9C5.

      Puzzle/Solution has been updated.