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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Times Sudoku Championship 2015

The Times Sudoku Championship will be held in July/August. This championship will select four players who will be sponsored to represent India at the World Sudoku Championship 2015 (WSC).

Note: This will be the 'sponsored' team for the WSC. The main A-Team that will represent India for the WSC has been selected from the Indian Sudoku Championship 2015 held last month.

--- Rishi Puri, Prasanna Seshadri, Kishore Kumar and Me are in the A-Team ---

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The schedule is as follows:

Regional Round in Delhi (12th July, 2015)
Regional Round in Mumbai (12th July, 2015)
Regional Round in Chennai (19th July, 2015)
Regional Round in Bengaluru (26th July, 2015)

National Finals in Mumbai (August, 2015)

Top-3 players from each regional round will be selected for the National Finals. Last year's TSC winners (Prasanna, Rishi, Sumit and Me) get wild cards for the National Finals.

Mumbai Regionals (12th July, 2015)
Who better to take the Mumbai crown than Tejal Phatak! Congratulations for finally making it on the Mumbai podium! Congrats to Prabha Joshi and Jaykumar Patel for qualifying too. See you all during the finals!

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The regional rounds in Mumbai and Delhi will be held simultaneously on 12th July. I won the Mumbai regionals last three years. Since I have a wild card this year and so does Prasanna Seshadri, its an open door for newcomers. I have no idea who could be in the top-3 unless someone is planning to travel from another city, maybe Tejal.

Delhi Regionals (12th July, 2015)
Delhi results are not surprising. Congrats to Akash Doulani, who has been in good touch lately, followed by Rajesh Aggarwal and Ritesh Gupta. Lets lock horns at the finals!

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The regional rounds in Mumbai and Delhi will be held simultaneously on 12th July. Among the top known solvers of India, I expect Akash Doulani and Ritesh Gupta to qualify from Delhi (if they participate). Maybe Himani Shah, who's not been in the sudoku circuit recently or even Dileep Singh.

Chennai Regionals (19th July, 2015)
Chennai results were as expected too. Congrats to Rakesh Rai and Kishore Kumar for their consistent performances at the sudoku circuit, and Pranav Kamesh for coming in third. Looking forward to the finals!

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I'm expecting and hoping Rakesh Rai and Kishore Kumar qualify from Chennai, they've been among the top solvers of India in recent times. There are some upcoming names from Chennai, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a new name in the top-3 this year.

Bengaluru Regionals (26th July, 2015)
The Bengaluru regionals is going to be a cracker! There are many potentials players who could make it in the top-3 this year. Some usual suspects are Rajesh Kumar, Harmeet Singh, Kunal Verma, Jayant Ameta, Gaurav Kumar Jain, Zalak Ghetia... and some more who's names are not on the top of my head! I would've loved to be there and see you guys battle it out, but unfortunately, I'm in Mumbai over the weekend.
Good Luck and may the best-3 qualify!


  1. Ritesh and I have lived up to your expectations ..... Akash

    1. Super stuff Akash!

      Congrats and see you at the finals in Mumbai :-)